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Really Reliable Recall Class

Time: 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
Where: Jupiter Farms at 15470 Mellen Lane, Jupiter, FL 33478
Cost: $100

One of the most important and potentially life saving signals you can teach your dog is to have a reliable Come When Called or Recall signal.  The Really Reliable Recall was developed by Leslie Nelson when training her afghan hounds (a notoriously independent breed not known for their willingness to readily come when called).


"The Really Reliable Recall is having your dog come immediately when called, the first time you call him, no matter when he is doing.  It works at a distance, when he is with other dogs, when he is greeting other people, chasing squirrels or sniffing in holes.  He doesn't think, he doesn't decide, he just comes to you.  It's not your everyday recall that you use countless times a day.  It's your emergency recall; the one you use when you need instant response.  It keeps your dog safe and gives you peace of mind".  ~ Leslie Nelson


This course is taught using the guidelines and exercises developed by Ms. Nelson in three weekly one hour classes.  The class is held at Linda Kender's outdoor fenced training area in Jupiter Farms .  

Group class fee starting Sunday, March 6, 2016 is $100. Private classes at my home in Jupiter Farms at an individuaized date and time are $150.  Private classes at a client's home or choice of location are $250.


Please call Linda Kender at (561) 308-9651 for more information or to sign up. Payment can be made by credit card or PayPal by clicking the "Buy Now" button below or checks can be made payable to: Linda Kender and sent to the following address:


Linda Kender

15470 Mellen Lane

Jupiter, FL 33478 


Class Fee

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Training Enrollment Form

Training Health Form


Directions to the Jupiter Farms training location from either I-95 or the Turnpike are as follows:

From I-95:  There are two Jupiter exits onto Indiantown Road.  The first one takes you east towards town and the second takes you west towards Jupiter Farms.  Take the second Jupiter/Indiantown Road exit which takes you west on Indiantown Road.
From the Turnpike:  Take the Jupiter exit and go west on Indiantown Road.
Once you are on Indiantown Road proceed west towards Jupiter Farms. When you get to the signalized intersection of Indiantown Road and Jupiter Farms Road (about 3 miles west of I-95) continue west for 2.5 miles to the blinking light at Mellen Lane. Turn Left (south) onto Mellen Lane and continue on straight until it looks like the road dead ends at a stop sign. At the stop sign turn right and almost immediately the road will curve off to the left (continuing south). Take the road to the left and continue south to the next stop sign which is Sandy Run. Continue going south on Mellen (now it is called 125 Avenue N.)
My house is the first driveway on the left past the stop sign at Mellen and Sandy Run. You will not be able to see the house from the road, but the number is on the mailbox. The street address is: 15470 Mellen Lane, Jupiter, FL 33478
I keep my gate closed and locked so please call me at (561) 308-9651 when you get here and I will come and unlock and open the gate.  Also, please call me if you get turned around while trying to find my house as most people get lost the first time coming here

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