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Classes Start:
Saturday, July 6, 2019
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
At The Palm Beach Paw Spa
1312 Commerce Way, #B1
Jupiter, FL

​​​​​​​Looking for something fun to do with your dog this summer?  Join us for Tricks!  This is an intermediate class for those teams that already know some Tricks,  have received the AKC Novice Trick Dog title, or just want to have fun teaching their dog new and entertaining behaviors.  For those pursuing AKC Trick Titles this class is the next step in obtaining the AKC Intermediate or Advanced title. 
For those just starting out or those teams working for Titles, examples of Tricks covered in the class are listed below.  Tricks are a great way to bond with your dog and improve your timing and training skills in a fun and positive way.  Creativity is encouraged!  More information about the AKC Trick Dog levels can be found on the AKC Website at www.akc.org.
Some examples of Intermediate and Advanced Tricks are:
Intermediate Tricks    Advanced Tricks    
Balance Treat on Nose or Head Back Up
Catch (soft toy or treat) Circle Right, Circle Left
Go Find (Handler hides) Turn on Battery Tap Light
Leg Weave (Around Handler Legs) Sit or Down from 15 ft. Away
Push Sound Button  Weave Poles (no food lure)
Prerequisites:  Dogs will need basic skills such as:  Sit, Down and Stay.  Dogs MUST be friendly and non-reactive around people and other dogs.  The workshop will include four one hour classes.

Watch as the ultimate Trick dog wins a game of Simon Says!


To enroll please fill out the online enrollent form below: 

Online Enrollment Form

Class Fee is $100. , Please call Linda Kender at (561) 308-9651 with questions or to sign up. 

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